Can we dump every op's output?


I am implementing op’s support from others’ model, but the model’s output result from TVM is not right. I need to debug what is wrong and where’s happened.

So, do we have debug options or others mechanism to debug the result output?

Thanks in advance.


Cross ref:

additional debug to run and dump up to the given node.



Thanks. I know I need to update Makefile now. Could you list one simple example how to use it? Thanks.


out= module.debug_get_output(“image_decode0”, out=tvm.nd.empty((299,299,3), dtype=‘uint8’))

Exactly same as “get_output”, but the first arg is the node name from graph until which it executes and returns out.

Second, third params size & dtype should match the requested node output spec.


Thanks. I will try. The output format is (N) H W C? I remember our TVM’s default output format is (N) C H W? I remember wrong?


Output format same as the layer output inside the model. No conversation applied on this debug API