How to save a general/cross-platform nnvm model?


Is there any way to save a nnvm model on macOS and try to use it on Linux(Ubuntu 16.04) ?

The background of this problem is that I try to convert a caffemodel into nnvm model on Linux. I first copy the caffemodel on macOS and convert it to a coreML. Then convert the coreML to nnvm model. But one problem is that the saved model with .so lib cannot be used on Linux. I try to save symbols and params generated by nnvm.frontend.from_coreml, but it seems that there is no API to save them…


What is your target & target_host while building with nnvm ?


Both target and target_host are llvm


you can simply use pickle to save the params and symbols. Alternatively, you can always save a module in .tar format(which contains the necessary data before you link) and ship that and load it Linux(either via RPC or normal way)