NNVM compile error in Windows


Am in the middle of setting up NNVM/TVM in Windows 10 (v 1709 build 16299).for OPEN CL (Intel SDK for Open CL 2017) & LLVM.
Build environment is CMAKE and VS2015
The steps i followed is :

  1. LLVM build
  2. TVM build with (LLVM and OPEN CL)
  3. NNVM Build
    First two steps were sucessful and i was able to generate Tvm libraries without any errors .
    While am compiling NNVM ,one project failed out of three ! Below are the build logs :

nnvm comple error log

Seems like linking error !!?



Hi an Update:
The issue was on release version 0.8 .
I took update of nnvm from master branch and it compiled successfully.